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Rolling Stone Country - Exclusive Release of New Single

Mar 31 | Posted by: Rolling Stone Country

Hear Mountain Heart's Breezy 'Blue Skies'

Jam-friendly bluegrass band's new album is due in May

By Marissa R. Moss | Rolling Stone Country | March 31, 2016

Mountain Heart has released the song "Blue Skies" from the forthcoming album of the same name

Many bands weather a shifting lineup through the years — members come and go, and sometimes are even replaced decades later (just look at Adam Lambert tackling Freddie Mercury's vocals as frontman of Queen). But the new incarnation of jam-heavy bluegrass crew Mountain Heart takes this one step further: founded in 1998, their aggressive, acoustic-heavy sound is preserved even though the group no longer boasts a single original player. And the result is a fresh take on an old classic, something apparent on their new single, "Blue Skies," streaming exclusively below ... 

Read more and Hear Single "Blue Skies" >> http://www.rollingstone.com/music/news/hear-mountain-hearts-breezy-blue-skies-20160331

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