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Mountain Heart's Bluegrass Shows a Wide Range of Influences on 'Soul Searching'

Critics will quickly label Mountain Heart as a hybrid bluegrass band. That nomenclature, however, significantly misrepresents their wide musical berth and penchant for genre infusion. Their recent album, Soul Searching, is anchored by roots bluegrass that flirts and flits with a multitude of genres spanning across eras. Throughout Soul Searching, Mountain Heart includes robust musical interludes comprised of piano, guitars, mandolin, and dobro in lieu of the traditional banjo and fiddler. Although the latter instruments do make appearances, the core configuration is quintessential of Mountain Heart's approach to music. They are a band who value traditional bluegrass but use their musical acuity to unravel the genre's boundaries.

For more:  https://www.popmatters.com/mountain-heart-soul-searching-2612441902.html?rebelltitem=2#rebelltitem2

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