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Welcome To My New Website!

Mar 11 | Posted by: Josh | Tags: Introduction

Check out the functionality and come back soon as we update often with new pics, videos, and tour schedules. I also plan to start a new songwriting page that will allow me to share much of my catalog with you. Maybe you guys can help me choose songs for my next solo album?! We're starting to plan for the project now...first one since 2012! If you don't have a copy of "Letting Go", please click on the MERCH page to order. I will sign your copy and ship it next day!

If you haven't heard yet, I've partnered up with a few of my favorite musicians and bought the group Mountain Heart and we're planning a new album release for 2015. The project has been recorded and is almost complete, but we plan to tour and support the release the third and fourth quarters of this year. Stay tuned!

I promise to blog and add content often to this new site and I'd love your feedback about it's functionality. Please let us know how we can make it better! If you're a social media person, please click the links at the bottom of every page that lead to my Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram so we can keep in touch that way also.

Lastly, thanks so much for your never-ending support and please come see us when we're touring near your town this year...YOU guys make our dreams come true!


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