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Diamond Rio Title Track - "I Made It"

Sep 2 | Posted by: Josh | Tags: Songwriter

So I've been hinting around about a few amazing things going down in my career for weeks now. This is one of the coolest for me!

When I was in the 4th grade we line danced to "Meet In The Middle" for our annual school play. After that I totally fell in love with Diamond Rio. I vividly remember crying listening to Marty's singing at mom's house in VA while stealing chops from Dan Truman, and being mesmerized by Jimmy Olander's B-bender shredding. When I moved to Nashville Jimmy O. and I became pals and started writing tunes together. I really love the guy and his super sweet family. We've written a ton of my favorite songs including a few off my solo album. A few years ago we wrote one about Rio's career and Marty's journey to Nashville called "I Made It."

Not only am I completely dumbfounded that the guys have recorded our song, but it's also the title track from their latest album! Like, seriously?!? : ) I somehow ended up co-writing the title track of my heroes' new record! On top of that they allowed me to play on a track that features the amazing Joshua Bell on violin! I'll post more about that later; I promise. Thanks to the entire Rio gang for making my dreams come true...I feel incredibly blessed to be included on their new project!

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